H E A V Y   L E A D   B I R D S O N G
From Write Bloody Publishing

In this collection of quietly explosive love poems, angels write graffiti prayer lists, an old man plants an orchard inside his chest, and early humans trek across the Ice Age tundra, carrying the secret of how we have made it this far.

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"Ryler Dustin is hands down the most exciting young poet I have encountered in ten years of coast-to-coast travels through the poetry underground. Read this book. You'll find him telling you truths, like all great poets, that he has no right to know."

  - Jack McCarthy, author of Drunks and Other Poems of Recovery

"Ryler Dustin sees nearly 360 degrees."

  - Buddy Wakefield, two-time Individual World Poetry Slam Champion

“His sensitivity and piercing imageries send shivers through me.”

 - Koon Woon, author of Water Chasing Water

"I had my iPod in my pocket, but I just couldn't stop listening to you. You were better than a video game, and that's saying something especially considering I love to play video games so much. You are the greatest poet in the United States of America."

 - Trent Miler, Ms. Nichol's Seventh Grade Class